Wastecode Directory OECD/Basel
A0 Anlage VIII Basler Übereinkommen (Liste A) {English}
B0 Anlage IX Basler Übereinkommen (Liste B)
G Grüne Liste des OECD-Beschlusses C(2001)/FINAL, Teil 2
GB Metal Bearing Wastes Arising from Melting, Smelting and Refining of Metals
GC Other Wastes Containing Metals
GE Glass Waste in Non-dispersible Form
GF Ceramic Wastes in Non-Dispersible Form
GG Other Wastes Containing Principally Inorganic Constituents, Which May Contain Metals and Organic Materials
GH Solid Plastic Wastes
GN Wastes Arising from Tanning and Fellmongery Operations and Leather Use
A Gelbe Liste OECD-Beschlusses C(2001)/FINAL, Teil 2