Wastecode Directory OECD/Basel
A0 Anlage VIII Basler Übereinkommen (Liste A) {English}
A1 Metal and metal-bearing wastes
A1010 Metal wastes and waste consisting of alloys of any of the following: antimony, arsenic, beryllium, cadmium, lead, mercury, selenium, tellurium, thallium; but excluding such wastes specifically listed on list B
A1020 Waste having as constituents or contaminants, excluding metal waste in massive form, any of the following: antimony, antimony compounds; beryllium, beryllium compounds; cadmium, cadmium compounds; lead, lead compounds; selenium, selenium compounds; tellurium, tellurium compounds
A1030 Wastes having as constituents or contaminants any of the following: arsenic, arsenic compounds; mercury, mercury compounds; thallium, thallium compounds
A1040 Wastes having as constituents any of the following: metal carbonyls, hexavalent chromium compounds
A1050 Galvanic sludges
A1060 Waste liquors from the pickling of metals
A1070 Leaching residues from zinc processing, dust and sludges such as jarosite, hematite, etc.
A1080 Waste zinc residues not included on list B, containing lead and cadmium in concentrations sufficient to exhibit Annex III characteristics
A1090 Ashes from the incineration of insulated copper wire
A1100 Dusts and residues from gas cleaning systems of copper smelters
A1110 Spent electrolytic solutions from copper electrorefining and electrowinning operations
A1120 Waste sludges, excluding anode slimes, from electrolyte purification systems in copper electrorefining and electrowinning operations
A1130 Spent etching solutions containing dissolved copper
A1140 Waste cupric chloride and copper cyanide catalysts
A1150 Precious metal ash from incineration of printed circuit boards not included on list B
A1160 Waste lead-acid batteries, whole or crushed
A1170 Unsorted waste batteries excluding mixtures of only list B batteries. Waste batteries not specified on list B containing Annex I constituents to an extent to render them hazardous
A1180 Waste electrical and electronic assemblies or scrap
A1190 Waste metal cables coated or insulated with plastics containing or contaminated with coal, tar, PCB, lead, cadmium, other organohalogen compounds or other Annex I constituents to an extent that they exhibit Annex III characteristics
A2 Wastes containing principally inorganic constituents, which may contain metals and organic materials
A3 Wastes containing principally organic constituents, which may contain metals and inorganic materials
A4 Wastes which may contain either inorganic or organic constituents
B0 Anlage IX Basler Übereinkommen (Liste B)
G Grüne Liste des OECD-Beschlusses C(2001)/FINAL, Teil 2
A Gelbe Liste OECD-Beschlusses C(2001)/FINAL, Teil 2